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About Us

ARKTIVETOUR is a tour marketing company that leverages on
technology to position tourism strategically and convert its assets into marketable products.


  • With tourism being one of the most lucrative revenue generating means for countries,
    Arktivetour is bent on maximizing the use of technology to fit into this ever-changing world for increased tourism engagement.
  • Streamline the tourism industry by harnessing the power of technology
  • Ensuring global coverage and increased tourist footprints

Vision -
Aspiring to be the leading a tech-tourism enforcer.

-Create an enabling environment in the tourism industry
-Establish a seamless connection and engagement among tourism stakeholders
-Promote tourism assets

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Right at your fingertips you have access to some of our top notch tour sights.

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You also have access to our amazing all star hotels with amazing facilities

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Get unlimited quality and affordable car rental services.


Tourism is the largest industry in world encompassing arguably all stakeholders from divergent fields. In other words, anyone is a potential tourist provided its essential assets are consumed. As a result of its indispensable benefits,
ARKTIVETOUR is touted as "your tourism companion"

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